Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 Days to 100K, wait, what?

[I'm behind in my race reports and general blogging so pretend you read this a few weeks ago.  I’m sure the story is timeless.]

3 Days to 100K was a new race - the first stage race in Oklahoma - created by my friends Kathy, Barbara and Derk. The idea is to run three different courses over three days for a total of 100 km. We were promised a fun time, unique courses and no time limit so "anyone can do it". Plus Coach Kathy said I should do it as a training race for my 50 mile race in July (read about that here). I'm not sure how that math all works out to be "training" but I thought I would try. How bad could it be...

It turns out this three day event was a 7-10 day mind blowing roller coaster. Here are a few highlights from the week:

Day -2
  • Wednesday: This is going to be fun. Have I told you about my weekend plans?
Day -1
  • Thursday: Why can't I stop thinking about this.  I really need to get some work done. Dang, I need to start packing soon.
Day 1
  • Friday am: I can't sleep.  Why? I'm scared. Why am I so scared?  Have I told you how scared I am?
  • Friday pm at race: Why are we on his bus?  I can hardly breath. How will I get home? Have I told you how scared I am?
  • Friday late night (25k later): That was fun.  I'm glad I'm done. Will I be able to sleep tonight?
Day 2
  • Saturday (very early): I hope I don't oversleep.  I've never overslep for anything. I hope I don't oversleep.
  • Saturday (early): I'm not that sore.  I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. His is a long drive.  I'm glad I didn't oversleep.  We'd better hurry to beat the crowd at the start line.
  • Saturday at start: Wait. How did I get here. What am I doing. This is going to be... "GO!"  Hey this is fun. There are lots of people here I know. I could do this all day.
  • Saturday start+8 hours: Gosh, i'm tired. Gosh, i'm hungry. Gosh, this is still fun.
  • Saturday start+9 hours: The finish line must be close.  I'm ready for bed.
  • Saturday start+10 hours: The finish line must be close.  I'm ready for bed.
  • Saturday start+11 hours: The finish line must be close.  I'm ready for bed.
  • Saturday start +11 1/2 hours: Hooray! !! I've never been so happy to be done. I'm ready for bed.
Day 3
  • Sunday (very early): zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Sunday (early): zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Sunday am: This is a long drive. I'm glad I started early. I will really be glad when this is over. I should just go home and sleep. But then I wouldn't get a medal. I could steal a medal. I'll be glad when his day is over. I will never do this again. Nobody needs this much training. I'll be glad when this is over.
  • Sunday at start line: Hey it's muddy. This mud is slick. [Hey, Ken hates mud. I love mud. I love to give people a hard time. This is going to be fun as long as I can run with Ken and give him a hard time about the mud.]
  • Sunday start+1 hour: Hey, this water is deep.  Charlotte does not like water. Especially muddy water. And then she falls right into the water.  Of course I tried to help her up, but it was difficult with me laughing so hard. Ken was making a lot of cackling noises too.
  • Sunday start+1.5 hours: More water. I love this.
  • Sunday start+2 hours: Hey, where did the trail go? Oh, down by that creek. No, through that creek. With more water. And look, more creek with more water. And roots.  And mud.
  • Sunday start+3 hours: What? Turn around and do the trail again? Of course I would!!!
  • Sunday at finish: Good friends. Good fellowship. Good beer, burgers, funny moments. And AWARDS! !!
Day 4
  • Monday: Have you seen my medal? Yes, 100K. Yes, 62 miles. Yes, on my feet. Yes, me!
Day 5
  • Tuesday: I'm really tired.  Have you seen my medal?
Day 6
  • Wednesday: I need a nap.  Have you seen my medal?
Day 7
  • Thursday: I have a funny "golfer's" sock line tan. Oh! Its because I ran 62 miles his weekend! Have you seen my medal?
Day 8
  • Friday: Anyone have any run plans for the weekend?  I can show you my medal...

I took a few pictures during the run since we always find interesting, unusual or out of place items.
Day 1, on the bus to the start line
(or getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere and find our own way home)

Day 1 at the start line of the first 15K. The Plate boys are always ready to run.  It's nice to know that I can run with them for a while (well maybe 30 seconds before the leave me in their dust)

Day 2 we had a few spectators at the start line of the 50K.  I felt at home.

The course was marked well.  This one looked like it meant business.

The entire course was this nice.  We had never run here and every step was new to all of us.

This poor guy didn't make it out.  I really hoped I would do better.

This is getting scary.  He didn't make it to the finish either!!

The course designers must not have seen these signs as we kept on going right past them.  What was around the corner?  Would I survive?  Would I get eaten?  Would someone find my new shoes?

Yet another someone didn't make it off the course.  Should have had mud tires.

Yet another sign the race staff chose to ignore...

Day 3 starts out great (for me).  Rain, mud, mud puddles.  Like being a kid.
The only thing better is if we could play in a creek.

I'll be darned!  A CREEK!!  LET'S PLAY!!

I wondered if this was the second leg of a mad-man's triathlon.
[Something to think about for an adventure race.]

It was getting late on day 3.  I was tired but this little guy kept on going.
I think his downhill momentum is why he passed me.

This may be the best part of the weekend.  I'm near the end and thinking 1.5 miles until all I can eat hamburgers and beer.  They my buddy Ed Snow says "want a beer and hamburger for the road".  Do I?!  May have been the second best hamburger I have ever had.  The best was the next one when I finished.  Top notch food.

I'm not sure which of these pictures that I like best.  My feet after 3 days of running or the medal that I earned getting there.  No blisters, no chaffing.  Great race, great friends - including new ones.  This was one of the best weekends I can remember..

I hope you enjoyed this story.  I hope you can see how my run running goals and your support will help me raise money for the YMCA.  I also hope Kathy, Barbara and Derk host this race again.

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