Monday, February 25, 2013

Making a plan...

Most people make their annual plans or resolutions in New Years Day.  I always seem to be running behind.  2013 is no exception so I chose a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon in February to do my planning.

Looking back at 2012 it was a good year overall.  A few setbacks here and there but I have a lot of accomplishments to feel good about.  I have a healthy family, good job and great friends  In 2012 I pledged to donate $1 for every mile I ran to the Tulsa Metro YMCA and their Strong Kids Campaign.  This was $1000 to help send kids to over-night camp, play team sports or take swimming lessons.  Plus Rovi matched $500 to help too!

I've been a fan of the YMCA kids programs since my kids were four and five and we joined the Indian Guides program (but don't tell anyone since I may have mentioned the kids were “five” and five at the time).  An amazing aspect of the YMCA programs is how they teach specific skills while encouraging kids to perform beyond their perceived limits.  Kids (and adults) walk away from these programs with skills that prepare them to be our future leaders.  Most of the time the kids don’t even know what just happened. 

Just like my kids, I have had the pleasure if having a few great people in my life.  The kind that not only help me out - but push me beyond “my” limits.  Each time I think they have someone else in mind, crazy or smoking something but each time they are right.

This year I am stepping up the crazyness and my support for the YMCA.  I'm going to run a 50 mile race  (yes, in a row) but I need your help.  I'm expecting 50 of my friends to donate with me, $50 each: $1 for each mile I run in that race.

There.  I said it.  I'm doing it.  It will be the hardest thing I have ever done - but will be the most rewarding with your help.

I'll be running the TATUR Midnight Madness 50 mile race on July 5th and 6th.  It will be hot.  I will be grumpy. I will get blisters.  Maybe some chaffing.  But, I will have the best support crew possible - knowing how your donation to the YMCA will impact the kids around Tulsa.

Your part is simple - I have my own online donation site:  Why wait! Click here then make your donation.


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  1. Running for charity, that is the best way to spend your new year. I hope you receive favorable amount of donation. Thank you for sharing. Best regards.