Saturday, December 24, 2011

Setting Goals, Meeting Expectations

At the end of each year we each start to reflect on the things we set out to accomplish during the year.  Sometimes these are New Year’s resolutions and sometimes they are mid-year adjustments.  As I look back at 2011 I see some things I am proud to have accomplished.  And of course there are things that I didn't finish, but I know I can keep working on them next year.

Setting My Goals
As I started 2011 I wanted to focus on running with the hopeful side benefit of loosing weight.  I also wanted to continue to support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  I had an idea that would combine the two – donate $1 for every mile that I ran.  My plan also includes encouraging others to join and they could donate for my miles or theirs. 

My original goal was 1000 miles and a total of $1500 raised between me and my friends and family. This sounded easy since I had ran that many in 2010.  Plus that is under 20 miles per week.  With the training for Lake McMurtry 50K, OKC Marathon and Route 66 Marathon it should be easy, really easy…

Meeting My Goals
I had not looked at my total miles for a while and after the Route 66 Marathon I took off a couple of weeks of running.  After a couple of week of nursing a sore calf/shin and burritoed in blanks on cold mornings I looked at my schedule and realized I was 15 miles under 1100 miles total.  I was very pleased and thought I could get the 15 miles in by the end of the year easy.

Resetting Expectations
Then I made the mistake of attending the TATUR Christmas Party and watched the movie Unbreakable (  I guess the movie inspired me a bit (or it could have been the beer) but I thought “1200 miles might be a better goal.”  Followed by “if they guys can run 100 miles of mountain trails in 24-30 hours, I can run that far in three weeks.”

The big mistake I then made was mentioning “a few more miles” to my friends Ken Childress and Kathy Hoover.  They both said “you can do it” and the rest of the conversation was like this:
Ken: “How many miles to do you need?”
Me: <pause> “About 100.”
Ken: “Umm, how close to 100?”
Me: <longer pause> “115.”
Ken: <his turn to pause><blink><stare> “We should start early then - 6:00 Saturday.”
Me: <big smiles>

That was a Tuesday night.  This is the text with Ken on Friday evening:

Things have picked up this last week.  So far I have run 46 miles leaving 69 miles in 8 days.  I can do this especially with great friends encouraging me on.

How You Can Help
You can join me on Saturday mornings at 8:00 as I’ll be running with the RunnersWorld Tulsa running group.  I’ll then go out to get a few extra miles.

You can also help support my mission by donating to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  Simply click on and donate a few dollars.  For every dollar you donate between now and December 31st, I will add that many miles to my 1000 mile goal for 2012.  

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  1. I'm back with you if you can get a weekday run or three in. And whatever you have left, let's get em Saturday!!