Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

What a great “3 day weekend” – 3 days of Route 66 Marathon activities and another $29 for the kids at the YMCA.  It was a busy weekend, but I am already looking forward to next year.  

Here are some of the best items of the weekend

Friday Night at volunteer check-in
  • Many volunteers checking in including groups of 40+ people
  • Several runners stopped to check in.  When we told them "this was volunteer check in and racers are one more down" we had several friends and family say "I can volunteer.  Where do you need me?"  We had at least 20 people sign up that night.

Saturday 5K with YMCA
  • Plan: be the sweeper for 150 first time runners and encourage them in.
  • Revised plan (revised by Summer at T -1:00 on the start line): "keep an eye on these two kids"
  • Reaction: "What? Me? They are fast."
  • Results: finished in 31 min with Nacho and Josiah

Sunday Route 66 Full Marathon
  • Best sign: 15th & Peoria "Way to go random stranger.  You're doing great"
  • Best water stop: Cascia Hall.  Man with megaphone directing traffic into the restrooms
  • Best unofficial aid station: Cold beer at mile 17
  • Best course location: "Mile 25.9"
  • Best sight: My family cheering me along Peoria and at the finish line.

Your’s truly at the finish line.  Found out later this was a 18 minute PR (over Oklahoma City).  Finished in 5:20 - enough for 9th in the “big boys” division.

Next year I’ll carry camera.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Storm

This is it.  Sunday is the event I've been looking forward to all year - the Route 66 Marathon.  Two years ago I ran my first marathon here and I look forward to it each year.

This year I get a double whammy on race satisfaction.  As you know my goal this year is to raise money to help kids through the YMCA programs.  I am donating $1 for each mile that I run and asking my friends to do the same. 

This year I get to run WITH the kids that benefit from these YMCA programs!

Blue Cross Blue Shield is encouraging Tulsa kids to get active by sponsoring hundreds of kids to run in the Route 66 Marathon 5K on Saturday.  Local youth programs like the YMCA have been training with these kids for the past several weeks.  I will be running the 5K with the Y kids on Saturday.  Be on the lookout for hundreds of kids (and me) in matching shirts.  This will be great to see again how my donations can help kids from all over Tulsa.

On Sunday I will also be running the Route 66 Full Marathon.  I'm looking forward to the new route this year as we tour Maple Ridge, Downtown, Brookside and TU.  I really like this course because it is almost in my back yard.  The course is within 3 blocks of my house 3 times.

I would like to ask for your help in one of three ways:
  1. Join us for the 5K run on Saturday.  Your $25 entry fee will help Tulsa in many ways through the United Way organizations.  Plus,  you will possibly inspire one of these new runners to become a lifetime runner.
  2. Come out Saturday and cheer on these new runners.  Look for hundreds of kids wearing matching YMCA shirts and yell for them.  I'm sure this will encourage them to run another race.
  3. Donate a few dollars to help support the Tulsa YMCA youth programs through our Strong Kids Campaign.   I’d like to see you match my donation for this one day - $26.20.  You can donate online at

Here is a quick progress update:
Miles:  1043
Donations:  $1303.00

Thanks again for your support,