Monday, April 11, 2011

By the Numbers at Lake McMurtry 50K Trail Run

72,746 steps
5,347 calories
553 minutes
50 km
7 Dixie cups
5 PBJ sandwiches
3 handfuls Peanut M&Ms (two scoops of Skittles spit out)
2.4 gallons of sports drink
2 beers
1 BBQ sandwich
1 bruised toenail
0 blisters

#1 reason for running on Saturday - $31 raised for the YMCA summer camps

And as a bonus, here are a few mores stats about the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign:
$150 donation provides one week of day camp at Westside YMCA
$500 donation provides one week of overnight camp at Camp Takatoka
$1200 donation one year of sponsorship of the GO program for one student
$3,695,236 = YMCA provided to support families in the Tulsa area in 2010