Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mitch Mock Marathon

This weekend I wasn't able to join the training group for their long run (see previous post on the Snake Run).  To keep my mileage up – and YMCA donations on track – I participated in Sunday’s first annual Mitch Mock Marathon.  Don’t confuse this with the Mock Mitch Marathon which can be found here.

Here are a few highlights from Sunday’s journey:

The start line was well prepared and oddly enough the crowd was calm.  I guess a 6:00am start time limits your time to get anxious.

The course included Riverside trails on the Westside – there were some unexpended “obstacles” near the pedestrian bridge (but not photographic evidence).  It also included 6 miles of trails on Turkey Mountain, including a short repeat of the snake trail.  As you would expect with any “mock” event there were frequent tour stops – QT, Reconciliation Park, and the Center of the Universe.  Thanks to the local construction companies that sponsored on-course port-a-potties.

The final leg of the event included the “Urban Challenge” with tasks such as avoiding cars and potholes, face-to-face interaction with panhandlers, discovering an unknown park and fence scaling.  Participation almost doubled for this leg as Arena joined in the challenge.

It was nice to see so many spectators on the course.  Some were a bit stiff, but looked like the enjoyed the event.

Some of the fans made a lot of noise and it was nice to have their support.

The finish line was top notch and the fans were very enthusiastic.

The finishers’ award were some of the best in the region.

I consider the Mitch Mock Marathon a successful event and I hope it will be repeated in the future.  I plan to participate again next year if the race directors will let me.

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