Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the beginning – It was a late start

I started running a few years ago.  I wasn’t much of an athlete in school and never really worried about “being in shape”.  I’d never stepped into a gym unless I was lost.  At age 39 a couple of good buddies and I decided to try a triathlon.  Maybe it was the scotch, but it sure sounded like a good idea at the time.  We trained for several months and completed the Tulsa Triathlon one week before I turned 40.  We kept it up for several years but then injuries, work, and growing families took us in different directions.  We still enjoy an occasional run and camaraderie over coffee.  There is always an interesting story to hear.

During the triathlon training I really enjoyed the running.  I don’t know exactly why but I can think of two reasons.  First and foremost are the friends that I have made just because they are about the same pace as I am (or willing to slow down for me).  I’ve heard so many stories that make you feel good or make you think about how you are living your own life.  I have been lucky enough to find some true role models with a few miles of running each Saturday morning.

Second, would be the view.  Since I travel for my job I pack a pair of running shoes and take off in some new direction to get a unique view of a new city.  I’ve enjoyed seeing more of Tulsa this way as well as cities like Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta, LA, Portland, even Lisbon, Portugal.  I hope that I can see even more cites.

Both of these remind me how lucky I am.  Everyone has difficult times in their life and everyone needs a support system.  The Tulsa YMCA has helped me and my family improve ourselves in many different ways– from swimming lessons (me at 39) to hands-on leadership training for my kids.  I've seen first-hand other lives that have been touched by the YMCA programs.  I'll be posting some of these on this blog from time to time.

I want to make sure the YMCA can help as many other families as possible.  Please join me in supporting these programs through their 2011 Strong Kids Campaign.  I am donating $1 for every mile that I run in 2011.  You can check my progress at  You can join me in support of the YMCA kids programs by donating at


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